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Editor Stephen Myers recently edited performances by two of the most outstanding actresses in film and television today. He edited Kaley Cuoco (Penny in the CBS stitcom BIG BANG THEORY) in the independent feature film comedy AUTHORS ANONYMOUS. Cuoco  also served as an executive producer.  Stephen edited the performances of Shailene Woodley in the final two seasons of the hit ABC Family Channel series THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER. Woodley has since become a major star, winning acclaim and awards for her first film roles as George Clooney’s oldest daughter in THE DESCENDANTS and as a romantic lead in the independent feature THE SPECTACULAR NOW. She currently stars in the major studio young adult movie series DIVERGENT as well as THE FAULT IN OUR STARS and independent films like WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD.


Editor Stephen Myers has worked in every film genre for almost every presentation medium. He has edited comedy, drama, family fare, musicals, historical biography, horror, and science fiction for feature films, cable features, network miniseries, network series, and documentaries

Stephen has edited performances by such Oscar winners as Hilary Swank, Billy Bob Thornton, Rod Steiger and Sandy Dennis as well as a movie scripted by Academy Award-winning writer  Brian Helgeland.

Stephen received a 2008 A.C.E. Eddie Best Edited Documentary nomination for THE PIXAR STORY, a feature film about the phenomenally successful animation studio. Stephen co-edited DOWNSTREAM which was shortlisted for a 2009 Academy Award nomination as Best Documentary Short. Previously he did additional editing on RECYCLED LIFE, 2007 Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Short.

Stephen graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism, specializing in Radio-TV-Film. He worked at the American Film Institute before becoming personal assistant to Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme on MELVIN AND HOWARD. While serving as assistant editor on several features directed by Carl Reiner, he edited major sequences in SUMMER SCHOOL and BERT RIGBY, YOU’RE A FOOL. In 1993, he co-edited Reiner’s erotic thriller satire FATAL INSTINCT with legendary comedy editor Bud Molin.

Stephen began his solo editing career with the horror film 976-EVIL, the directing debut of Robert Englund (“Freddie Kruger”). For actor/writer/director Tommy Chong (of the comedy team Cheech & Chong) he edited the stoner comedy FAR OUT MAN. Since then he has edited more comedies (THE WHOLE TRUTH, OUT THERE), mockumentaries (THE MATING HABITS OF THE EARTHBOUND HUMAN, AND THEY’RE OFF, AUTHORS ANONYMOUS), dramas (HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL), family fare (DOG’S BEST FRIEND, PARADISE VIRUS) horror (the Stephen King sequel SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK AGAIN), suspense thrillers (DOOMSDAY ROCK, ERROR IN JUDGMENT), and documentaries (THE HAND BEHIND THE MOUSE: THE UB IWERKS STORY).

In short form Stephen edited webisodes of DANGEROUS WOMEN which starred the actresses from the original THE EVIL DEAD. He also edited 6 short films for the Fox filmmaking competition show ON THE LOT (co-produced by Steven Spelberg and Mark Burnett) including the first and final short films by winning director Will Bigham. He has also worked on music promotional pieces

As a member of American Cinema Editors  Stephen has served on various judging panels for the A.C.E. Eddie Awards. He has also served on judging panels for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Emmy Awards).

WRITING: In addition to helping write narration for documentaries he edited, early in his career Stephen contributed movie reviews to McGill’s Survey of Cinema, a major reference work on feature films. He also interviewed film directors Peter Bogdanovich, Walter Hill, and Mark Rydell for publication in newsletters. His interview with Peter Bogdanovich appears in longer form in Peter Bogdanovich: Interviews
(Peter Tonguette, ed.)  published by University Press of Missisippi in 2013. Stephen plans to write more scholarly articles on film history and aesthetics in the

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